"What once seemed like insane discipline will soon become a way of life."



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Strengthen the presence in your life to live a life of purpose and intention. 


The present moment is where all things are possible and where you create from. With the power of presence, you can transform any aspect of your life and cultivate an internal domain that is separate from your external circumstances. This is done by learning to hold your attention on the present moment through cultivating a witnessing nonjudgmental awareness to create space between the stimulus or circumstance and your response.


Master your emotional intelligence. Learn to fully feel (negative and positive emotion) in one moment and then be able to shift to your desired state in the next. 


When you are able to link one present moment together with the next you will find new levels of mental toughness and resiliency.

Use your past to learn and grow. 


Learn simple yet profound ways to let go of the past and take full responsibility for how you're showing up in the roles you play in life.  Discover the power behind being able to meet all of your own emotional needs.  Understand how to turn any situation into your abundance and become the author of your own story. 

Train your mind to be confident, calm, and optimistic in any situation. 


Create the experience of life that you desire while constructing the next version of yourself.  Learn to operate from a place of being rather than doing, so you can experience new levels of worthiness, joy, and abundance. 

Use the present, past, and future to develop yourself into a fully integrated human being. 


Find yourself being a student of life like never before, turning all of life into your training ground. Recognize how each moment allows for you to practice being the best version of yourself.


And finally, develop a servant heart that makes a large impact in the world by mentoring others and sharing what you've learned along the way. 

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I'm here to help you prepare for what's next.


My expertise is in helping people mentally and emotionally prepare for life's BIG moments and transitions so they can show up powerfully and live a life of passion, purpose, and presence.

I use proven science-based methods for lasting transformation. My goal is to walk alongside you and be a resource for you while on your individual path to self-realization and unlocking your full potential.

Coaching Credentials:

Co-Founder of IHP Coaching

Founder of Real Men Talk

Author of the New Book: Choice Point

Former National Champion College Football Coach

Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach

Certified Q Process Facilitator

Certified Kokoro Yoga Instructor

Certified Oxygen Advantage Breathwork Instructor

Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher


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Don't wait for the next obstacle in life to challenge you, learn the tools to handle stress and build mental toughness now. 



Accelerate your transformation with private 1:1 coaching. Sessions are done from the comfort of your own home via. Zoom video conferencing. 

Book your free consult to see if private coaching is right for you. 



Ryan's new book CHOICE POINT: Break the Cycle of Sef-Sabotage, Accelerate Your Growth, and Realize Your True Potential is available on Amazon. 

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Coach Ryan helped me through one of the most challenging and stressful experiences of my life - being cross-examined for several hours on the witness stand in a very difficult court case by a defense lawyer who was intent on discrediting my testimony.


I was so nervous, but Ryan had a plan from the very beginning, which immediately made me feel reassured. He spent some time listening to the context of the situation and asked a lot of very insightful and thoughtful questions. I was so impressed with his gentleness and compassion in combination with his focus and direction as a Coach. He guided me through determining the outcome of the court proceedings in advance, which was brilliant. Ryan also did some very powerful breath and movement work with me and taught me what to do if I got overwhelmed or panicky on the stand. He showed me how to pause and do some quick, resetting breath work with a softened gaze in a way that no one would notice. He also walked me through some very powerful visualization techniques so that going through court proceedings would feel as familiar as possible.


My preparation work with Ryan made all the difference in the world. Using Ryan’s techniques, I was able to stay grounded, calm, and focused through almost 8 hours of grueling cross-examination. It was a total game-changer. Ryan is a tremendously gifted coach with great insight and wisdom and he uses an array of tools and approaches to help you successfully navigate any situation with a winning mindset. I cannot recommend him enough!

- Coaching Client


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Marco P.


Private Coaching Client

I had the opportunity to work with Ryan Sawyer, for a roughly three-month period, while he was training to be an unbeatable mind coach. During those three months, I learned principles and developed tools I will utilize for the rest of my life. 


Now, I practice the “Unbeatable Mind” philosophy daily and am proud to say that I am in the best shape of my life.


I truly believe that if you are looking to create a better version of yourself, then a talk with Ryan Sawyer is a great start.

Your mind has an operative system. Ryan brilliantly works with you to build the 2.0 version of yourself.


Ryan Sawyer is a fantastic mental coach that will help you to reorganize your mind, allowing your talents and skills to bloom to their full potential.


Working with him was extremely helpful: we built the foundations to transform a vision, a goal, a dream into a defined achievable reality now.


Not only would I suggest everybody try Ryan’s sessions and courses, I myself will definitely work with him again.


Thank you Ryan!

I took the Intro the Breath workshop with Ryan and Heidi and they made it feel easy. Ryan gave detailed and easy-to-follow instructions on how to implement breathing exercises in our daily lives.


After learning so much in the Intro class I knew I wanted to dive deeper and learn more about how breath can change my life. The second workshop was even better!


The tools they provided and lessons they shared could not have come at a more perfect time.


I would highly recommend for anyone to take Ryan and Heidi's breath workshops, I truly feel they will improve your daily life as it has done for me!

Marco P.


Private Coaching Client

Bridgette H.


Breath Workshop Participant