Choice Point

Break the Cycle of Self-Sabotage, Accelerate Your Growth, and Realize Your True Potential

Ryan was living out his childhood dream as a college football coach. Everything seemed perfect on the outside, and he and his wife had recently been blessed with two children. But under the surface his secret, lifelong battle with depression and anxiety was intensifying. Something had to change, and he made the hardest choice of his life: He left his beloved and successful career in order to fight for his own life and save his marriage and family. Setting out on an intense journey of self-realization, Ryan ultimately found peace and a greater sense of purpose than he ever knew possible.

Former national champion collegiate football coach, Unbeatable Mind Coach, Kokoro Yoga Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Breath Coach, meditation teacher and Q Effect Facilitator, Ryan Sawyer shares his inspiring story and teaches you in a straightforward, practical way as only a coach can. You will learn the eight key principles of transformation and get step by step directions for the most impactful practices you can use to transform your own life.


In each moment we have a choice: continue to let our past dictate our future, or choose to write a new story that serves our greatest good.

About the author


Ryan is a Licensed Unbeatable Mind Coach, Certified Q Process Facilitator, Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach, Certified Kokoro Yoga Instructor, Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, and Speaker.

Ryan is a former national champion college football coach, owner of a thriving residential painting company, and a devoted husband and father. Starting long before sunrise, Ryan begins his dedicated daily meditation and yoga practices in the relentless pursuit of his own continued personal transformation.


He is driven to help others on their path to self-realization and unlocking their 20x potential.

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Speaking Topics: 

  • Overcoming depression and anxiety

  • The 8 principles of transformation

  • Understanding the cycle of transformation

  • How working on himself saved his marriage

  • Mental toughness and resiliency lessons from a former college football coach

  • Yoga, breathwork, meditation, and other tools for total transformation